11-02 Embedded Match Keywords

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One Response to “11-02 Embedded Match Keywords”

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  1. what i do is i build my keyword buckets as taught by Howie and Joel in newbie ppc.

    1. lets take Joel example of men’s supliments. I would have 1 campaign called men’s supliments.

    2. I would then have different adgoups broken down into tightly highly targeted keyword funnels with their own ads and landing pages.

    3. lets take a step back to the keyword research stage. I start adding negative keywords at the research stage of terms i don’t want like for example cheap, free, low cost whatever and i add then to my exact match campaign. and yes I know that exact match you dont need negative keywords but my reason for this will become clear later on.

    4. I add all my keywords as negative keywords as exact match and at the campaign level.

    5. I then clone my exact match campaign with the negative keywords into a broad match campaign.

    6. I then copy all my exact match campaign keywords and add them as negative exact match keywords in my broad match campaign.

    7. My exact match campaign pricing is dropped by 15% from googles asking price for the no1. spot.

    8. i would drop my broad natch campaign another 15% from my exact match campaign. so in other words i would pay 30% less than googles asking price for the top spot.

    9. in both campaigns i would be advertising at state level so i have more control.
    10. only after i put all these measures in place would i bid on men’s supliments broad match

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