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32 Responses to “Welcome to the Vitruvian Way Café!”

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  1. Matteo Lombardi says:

    Hi Howie,

    a bit late post here. just wanted to say THANK YOU. Since Adwords for Dummies 2009 you are my number one guru.

    The approach you have to Adwords is amazing, because you think about the psychology of the costumer and costumer behaviour and that is great.

    Mastering Adwords by following your advice has been the number 1 reason for success of my website and the best ROI of my time and money. Plus you have this personal and human approach that shows you are trying to help people and not only make money. Congrats!

    • Howie says:

      You mean I could be making money too? ;)

      Thanks, Matteo. I really appreciate your kind words.

      I think you’ll find Kristie and Joel’s contributions to the 3rd edition extremely valuable. And they’re also human, so I get along with them very well.

  2. Garrett Todd says:

    New Forum Category Added: CRO = Conversion Rate Optimization

    Vitruvian offers CRO for improving client’s website conversions. Recently, we added a new category in the forum to discuss CRO. Have a peek as we’ll be adding new info very soon.

  3. Happy to be here. I am a SEO by trade but need to learn and master PPC quickly as I just joined an agency who is in desperate need of a qualified PPC manager.

    • Howie says:

      Hi Bill,

      Welcome! Your SEO chops are most welcome here – we always get lots of SEO questions, and it’s good to have a few real experts around to help with those.

      As for getting you up to speed, we’ll do our best. Here’s a slight pitch: Joel and I put together a course that was intended for AdWords newbies, but turns out to have created several PPC managers in about 8 weeks. Let me know if you’d like more info and I can point you to the home-study version.

      • Jay Roberts says:

        Yes pls!!!!

      • Yes,

        I would love to hear more about it. I would also be interested in some one on one. Coaching has helped me grow more than anything else I’ve ever done in my business.

        Hope I can help you guys out with SEO stuff. I live breath and eat search.


    • Gemma =Ö= says:

      Bill, you are in the right place to listen to Howie. Don’t forget his book too.

      Howie is not the kind of guy to turn down the stupid questions either – they tell him as much about who you are as the serious ones.

  4. Joseph Gardner says:

    Hi Howie,

    Thanks for the invite, this is Joseph Gardner the plumber in Southern California, whom you recommended your “Google Adwords for Dummies” book and pay special attention to the Local chapter. Looking forward to learning a lot and having some fun. Thanks again.


    • Howie says:

      Hi Joseph, welcome!

      The good news is, online marketing is a lot like plumbing. You hook up the pipes right, make sure there’s a clean and powerful water source at one end, and then turn the AdWords faucets and keep adjusting them until you’re getting the right volume and temperature.

      Ah, nothing like forcing a metaphor to fit…

  5. Hi Howie!

    Your strengths are evident on this page: 1) You have intelligence and humor and 2) You reply personally to comments and queries. Please tell us how to upload a photo!

    Greetings, Back Porchers!

    I joined Howie’s new group as much for the motivation as the information. I wonder if others of you are in my situation: I don’t need site traffic to attract clients. I serve a very high end, exclusive clientele, and my clients come to me by referral. However, I am writing a book and associated materials on college application for international students. I want to increase traffic to build my list for my weekly college ezine, in anticipation of the books + materials. I want to build my reputation.

    And if any of you have college-age children, you might want to sign up for the zine at:


    I look forward to getting to know you, and helping out where I can!

    Best wishes,


    • Howie says:

      Hi Marlena,

      Thanks for your kind words! Having spent much of my career leveraging my weaknesses, it’s nice to be able to do what I’m good at and leave the rest to others.

      If you’re talking about a profile pic, I believe the way to do that is to upload a photo to http://gravatar.com. Make sure you create a Gravatar account using the same email as you use on this site.

      I just changed my pic to verify the process – hope you like the flower behind my ear ;)

      I’ll be in touch about mentoring in 2 years, when my daughter turns 18!

      • Hi Howie,

        The reason I don’t use gravatar is that I use different photos on business and personal sites. My guess is that you can allow people to upload a pic directly in WordPress, if you choose this.

        In appreciation of the excellent advice you offer, let me give your daughter a tip: Don’t wait until you’re 18 to think about college applications! By that time, your record is what it is. If she’s 16 now, she has time (not even a lot!) to learn how admissions officers “see” you–and what you can do to become the kind of person who will catch their eye! Seriously, my zine talks to teenagers as well as parents, about just this sort of thing. I sometimes interview kids, because kids listen to other kids who have recently gone through the process.

        Just saying :)



  6. John White says:


    Must admit your email was a real “grabber” and well written too!

    Having some success with AdWords but really need to learn more about AdWords/Analytics and how to get keyword information.


    • Howie says:

      Hi John,

      Welcome! And thanks for you kind words about the email. I was feeling a little frisky today so I just went with it :)

      Look around the site and then start asking specific keyword info questions. We have a bunch of videos that we made to support the 3rd edition of AdWords For Dummies, and if one of them is relevant, I’ll let you know. If not, we’ll just make more :)

  7. Hi Howie, Glad to be back. I didn’t see anywhere to upload my pix in the profile, so I’m posting this to see if your blog picks up my gravatar.

  8. gldean says:

    Hi Howie,
    Nice site you have here. I’ve always enjoyed your readings and looking forward to watching this grow.


    • Howie says:

      Thanks, Gary. I’m hoping that a team of people to add their own wisdom and kick my butt when I’m slacking will substantially increase the value we provide.

  9. Gem Laming says:

    Hi Howie,

    thanks for inviting me, it is really nice to see you active online again. I was missing your input – but it was summer down under, so you could be forgiven :-)

    What is “CST”? If it is California, those times are way too late for me in Europe. Or is it “Central”? we dumb forinners don’t know these things, see. Could you put some kind of international clock for the likes of me and Gleb P (if he joins). I don’t know how used Americans are with dealing with different time zones. In Europe there is only Britain in a different time zone, but then Britain is on a different planet from Europe.

    • Howie says:

      Sorry – Central Standard Time US, one hour earlier than New York time.

      The calendar plugin I’m using is strangely obtuse about time zones – if you know of anything better please tell me!


      • Gem Laming says:

        Thankyou, Howie.

        I don’t know of any, sorry. If I come across something I will let you know – but you are in a better position than me to find these things in any case.

        Just put “Central” in then people like me will understand that it is Chicago time. CST simply didn’t say anything to me. I guess if I said “Veenendaal” it would mean nothing to you either – but that is simply because you don’t live where I do ;-)

        I don’t know much about WordPress either! Gem

  10. ghachmann says:

    While registering your system didn’t like my password (it was too short). Tried to fix the issue. Now my email address and username “already exist” in your database so I am not able to register. Advise please.

    Gerhard Hachmann

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